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Wireless DMX Receiver , transmitting range 300 meters , Interface rate: 250000bp / s ,Channel spacing: 5MHz.
FOS Technologies

FOS Technologies

FOS Technologies products pass strictly quality control and all of them comes with 2 years warranty.


FOS Technologies , dedicated to solutions for professional lighting.

We are a flexible  team with a lot of experience in the lighting industry.
At 2009, feeling the need of our market for branded but not overpriced lighting products,
we started our own brand FOS Technologies.

FOS means light in Greek.  Moreover, our task is that FOS will always means simplicity, durability and efficiency at the “right” cost. 
The right cost for us is the point where we do not lose the necessary quality we have standardized for efficient and problem-free products.
If numbers are important for you, we continue to enjoy 20% general grow of our company for every year, since we have been created. 
On the other hand, if support and communication are the important factor for your work, you are in the right place. 
We think our partners as part of our company, having the same target: Profit and enjoy light, profit and enjoy FOS.